Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Fret Yes

Few of my cousins are getting married soon. At least 3 of them, and another one has just recently got engaged. Instead of the soon-to-be brides and grooms, I am the one having the biggest headache right now.

Well you know the drill, when your extended family started asking about your turn to settle down. If you were me, and you replied 'I have not given much thought about it yet', be very prepared. They would start frying you.

Sometimes I wonder why are we making marriage a big fuss so much. Pretty depressing, you know. To every young dude and boob.

Personally, I really haven't given much thought about settling down. Simply because the idea of it looks very very scary.

This is me being honest.

1 comment:

iXa said...

I pun tanak kawin. Boleh tak I nak cohabit je dengan Superman? Hmmm best~