Sunday, July 25, 2010

Breed And Get Drunk

I am not a fan of midnight movie, though sometimes I like the idea of going for movies during wee hours. Since I am a young adult, and my obligation is restricted only to myself, plus I am single, no kids in tow, well basically, I risk only myself, so I see little reason to restrict my occasional or perhaps rare midnight movie treats. At some point of time.

But it bugs me whenever I see young families (obviously with kids) catching midnight movies. It bugs me a lot. Because I feel sorry for the kids, when they are supposed to be sleeping soundly at home, their young parents drag them to watch some movies, jeopardising everyone's safety.

I get it, midnight movies are fun to watch, the outing can be romantic and yada yada, but be very careful. You are distrupting your children's biological clock, distrupting their routine. It bothers me how some parents can be so ignorant, so senseless, yet they breed like mosquitoes.

It is like you possess a fancy toy, without having any clue on how to operate it.

You can mess with toy, any toy.

Problem is, you cannot mess with your kids, what's more with their lives.

Grow up. Don't breed if you clearly are not equipped enough.

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