Tuesday, July 27, 2010


Lately, I've been associating myself with my former schoolmates. Been contacting and meeting them, we have even set up a committee to arrange upcoming activities. Surprisingly, I am one of the board members of the committee.

I said 'surprisingly', largely due to me-never-fancy-reminiscing-the-schooldays-beentheredonethat. So well now I'm back to finding my roots. These people are actually fun to hang with. We trade stories, swap jokes, share drinks, pat each other's back.

Hopefully, the now grown-up us can contribute something to the society, or perhaps to the school.

Yes, sometimes it feels good to jog down the memory lane. And it's good that I'm socialising with different people with different walk of lives.


I think my writing fluency is diminishing. It is hard to write long paragraphs anymore. Even harder to find relevant subjects to write about. If I bore you with petty craps, pardon me please.

Promise I will start writing something worth reading.

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