Friday, July 23, 2010

Drug Buddy

When my closest friend called me out of the blue (she rarely calls, her handphone is not her drug buddy definitely), upon saying hello and exchanging few greetings, I couldn't stop myself from asking;

"Babe are you okay? I mean, are you really okay? Is there anything bothering you?"

She said no. She was just calling for the sake of calling, and she said she misses me. I laughed. Out loud. Not because her missing me was funny, but because her calling me was indeed funny. In a good way funny.

Suddenly I realised how much I had been missing her. I miss my drug buddy. I can easily get drunk by talking to her.

Purple coach, if you are reading this which I doubt you are, I'd name my upcoming gadget Joseph, in the spirit of my utmost love for you bebeh. Please don't scare me with your random phone calls when you rarely even text me.

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