Tuesday, November 16, 2010

As A Matter Of Fact

I take pride that if something bad happens (other than death), I have time on my side. At the very least, I don't lose everything since I have the age advantage. To me, I am still young. The hell with people my age who are already thinking how old they have grown.

You are old if you spent half of your life worrying. You are old if you spent half of your time chasing after people. You are old if your eldest kid is 20. And you are definitely old if you called yourself 18 when you were actually 25.

Lucky for me, I think I've only spent a quarter of my life worrying, and a tenth of it chasing after some men. Technically speaking, I don't chase. Men chase after me, I only chase once they have already got me, you know. You are old if you don't understand what I am saying. My words are not complex, any way.

I take charge of my own life. If I don't, I rebel. I was a rebellious young lady few years ago. I fought for my youth curfew, I managed to move out of family home, I took the liberty to mix with different people. However, not all decisions I made were right. In fact, half of them turned out to be disastrous. But I had the courage to commit them, and later admit the wrongful choice. I am a typical "eat your own shit" kind of person. Only now, I no longer am a bigot. I, myself ain't pretty, so I don't go around acting god.

I have some friends saying how envious they feel towards me, thinking my life is perfect. At the same time, they also feel sorry for me, for despite my life looks perfect, it is loaded with issues, the never-ending issues. I complain a lot, so yeah, serve me right.

Like I said, I take pride that if something bad happens, other than death, I still have time on my side.

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