Sunday, November 21, 2010

Stupid As Stupid Does

Here is something people tend to forget. When you point your index finger at others, the other 3 fingers are pointing at you.

The concept is simple. What they do, the business is between them and their God. Unless they directly do damage to you. So other than that, you shut your fucking mouth. I know most of us love being nosy, so for fuck sake, be one. Be whatever nosy you want.

Just don't ever say you are better and holier than the one you are bitching about, by not passing any judgmental thought. Trust me, you can still be bitchy, and not losing your class.

What irks me the most is, you trash people, you act God, you punish, you pass remarks, and all the same while, you think you are better than them. Unfortunately, everybody in this universe do not think so.

Whatever wrong people do, you give reasons to spread the guilt. But whatever wrong you do, you give reasons to justify the purpose. And yet, you think you are the best khalif.

I must say, you are pretty ambitious.

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