Friday, November 12, 2010

Ninth Crime

No, I did not say you shouldn't get married, nor have I lost faith in marriage. What I was trying to point out is simply, do not marry for the sake of marrying, or because of the age pressure, or because of family.

For marriage is not a celebration of love. It is a celebration of life, and love happens to be part of it. So does shit, so does crises.

Call me a pessimist or whatever. Hell, I know I am actually a realist. Someday, somehow good things are gonna come to an end. Things eventually will get sour. If you are a hardcore and can survive turbulent times, please consider marriage as your thing. Problem is, everybody thinks he is a hardcore, a survivor. This is really a personality test you have to take, yourself.

Do you think I want to settle down with my current boyfriend? Naa uhh. To me, we are great as a couple. But as a family, I don't think so. I might end up eating my heart out.

So you'd ask, why am I wasting my time and life with someone I don't intend to share my life with? Now let me raise another question. Why do we always think 'sharing our life with someone' must carry the word marriage? Unless yeah, you are duped into believing those fairy tale wedding stories.

Well okay, I am fine with me wasting my time. If knowing what I want is a crime, I am so glad to be committing this crime. Eventually, there will come a time when I want to settle down. It's just a perfect human cycle. But hello, only when I have found the right person who can take me at my worst. Until that time comes, I am still fishing.

"Life is like a box of chocolates. You never know what you're gonna get" - Forrest Gump.

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