Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Come, Just Pull My Leg. You Wouldn't Hurt Me, Would You?

1) Those preachers of "Being single is being simple" are sure lying to themselves.

They, either never have any love relationship experience, or, are too heartbroken from their recent failed relationships.

2) Those who cry their heart out, whine 24/7 on Facebook are fucking brainless.

Nobody cares if you lose your virginity, what's more you crying over a fight with your partner. Bollocks!

3) "Even motherfuckers love their mothers" - Obefiend

This has got to be the best quote so far this year. Period! Oh another one;

"Trick or tits?" - Exotica

Hilarious, ain't it?

4) I think my personal life is going haywire. I mean, seriously, what does it mean when I silently start to enjoy smoking? Last month alone, I had the 3rd stick of my life. What's the big deal, you would argue.

Hell man, I know I'm in a deep shit when smoking suddenly comes into picture. Lucky now I am an adult. Problem is, as much relaxed I am with smoking, I have to say, I hate the smell of cigarette smoke. Plus, my skin will not allow myself to pursue this interest. I have history of skin condition, I am allergic to smoke. End of story. So let's take one final puff. The 4th one it is.

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