Friday, November 19, 2010

The Groundbreaker (A Dedication To Perempuan Kacak, Again)

Ever since I reached puberty, I have always had issues with family. Be it with my mother, my brother, and occasionally my sister. Both petty and big issues. Like I said previously, I was a rebellious young lady.

If I didn't get things my way, I could go sulking and not talking for days. I am so good at doing silent treatment. That is actually my mojo.

No, I'm not exactly proud of my rebellious years. I have a difficult family, as a matter of fact. I know my brother is not happy (but he just couldn't care less with anything, so he's a gone case), my sister is unhappy too. I am unhappy, but lucky me, I can escape from the suffocation. The perk of staying away from family. I try to minimize my time with family as much as possible, that you can say, I am no family person.

It sounds selfish, but try having a mother like mine. She never lets you be someone of your own age, she treats you like a 40-year old. My sister always confides in me, whenever she gets home.

In a good way, my mother is a fine lady. She is actually a good mother, albeit she worries a lot. A lot that it gives me headache. And she is getting more spiritual. So the children, all in their 20s, young and vibrant, eager to explore life, they all feel restricted.

So how do they find solution? They do things as they please, they don't tell the mother about anything, simply because they know, mother will always give a different idea.

Now that nobody isn't sharing her any story, she feels tensed. She tries digging, but to no avail. Everybody has learned their lesson. To get your own freedom, is to start breaking all her stand. I already did. I am not exactly proud or happy, but I did what I had to do.

To gain her trust is to start breaking the trust.

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