Thursday, September 30, 2010

Some Things Are Just Too Good To Be True

During a conversation with favourite guy #2;

'I always have a soft spot for guys who linger in bookstores, either reading books or buying some. And the blokes who read in trains.'

'But I never go to bookstores, what's more buying books.'

'Exactly sayang.'

'Any more soft spot that you have?'

'Quirky guys who can speak real stuff when it comes to serious matter.'

'I ain't one I suppose'

'Exactly. Exactly. But you are you. And I love you.'


AzketOm said...

love this part :

"But you are you. And I love you"

cayalah babe. how many fav guy do you have now??

11:57:03 said...

two. Darling, it ain't easy.