Monday, September 27, 2010

The Watchmen

If you are a Facebook junkie like me, you must have noticed the recent trend of people uploading loads of videos, be it music videos or wedding reception videos. Not to forget the 'hereafter is coming, so let's repent' kind of videos.

Actually, I have nothing against this latest trend, people like to share, so whatever. Post anything, I don't mind, so long as they don't post annoying childish statuses.

But herein lies the problem. The video watchers have this strange habit, that after watching, they feel obliged to comment on that certain video. Some video posters are a culprit too. Which you know, irks me. These are the same people who love posting stupid statuses, and when they comment on videos, well what kind of comment should be expected? Exactly, stupid comments with spelling and grammar errors here and there.

I, myself love watching the videos also. But I rarely ever comment on those, except for a few that to me, are worth commenting on. I find it strange to comment every single video.

Is it hard to just watch it and shut the fuck up? Even though you like the content so much, or despise it, keep your opinion to yourself, unless you feel it is necessary to voice out your thought. Most of the times, I find the opinions are unnecessarily published. Seriously speaking. And then they go about preaching on the Facebook status the damage of trashing others behind their backs, something like that.

I mean, helloooo these people seriously know how to tickle me to death. I literally laugh. What a contradiction in persona.

That makes me question, did these people really go to school? Or did they have rough childhood? Or perhaps another case of holier-than-thou?

In case you are wondering, as bitter as I may look, I had a wonderful childhood. No kidding.

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