Saturday, September 18, 2010

After All, I Still Have A Bimbo Living In My Head

Been asking my favourite sister whether I should ditch favourite guy #2 for everyone's sake. The reasons for ditching are;

1) maneuvering two wheels at a time is no easy work. Lots of lying and acting up every now and then as to not hurt the other 'quarter'.

2) #2 knows the existence of #1, but #1 doesn't have any idea there is even a #2. I'm sure #1 will kill #2 if he finds out. Literally speaking.

3) Even though I always said I would end up marrying #2, because of our long history and past chemistry, now I am not so sure. Little did I know he could be this attention deprived. However, marrying #1 is out of question. I can never ever be married to him, even he knows this already.

4) #1 has been slightly suspicious. One morning, he asked who had rung me up at 6.50 in the morning, with 5 missed calls before then. So again, I had to lie. Anyways, I also have my own suspicion on him as well. Yeah I may not speak his language, but I ain't dumb either. That's why I effing love google.

But no, I ain't gonna confront him or do anything. Why do damage over something petty? For now, we are great together, we talk, we share, we love, we kiss. And he's always here. It feels just like having a relationship with myself. On the other hand, who ever get married to himself, eh? If he's having an affair, which I doubt he is in this country, what fuck can I do. I'm trying to be realistic here. The button is with me, it is my call if I want to press it.

5) #2 has been reporting his daily activity, almost every single day. Now, that pisses me off. Frankly, I don't give a damn what my other 'quarters' do, they can do whatever they want, go everywhere they please, meet anyone they wish to, just do not report every single detail. Because I myself don't like to report up my daily activity. I trust them, they trust me. Life should be this simple. If you cannot trust your significant other, why bother being in relationship in the first place? Again, everyone has the button to press.

6) Numbering people is not exactly very nice to do, you know. It makes me look bitchy. Although I can be and am a bitch, I always try my best to conceal that very unflattering fact.

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