Monday, September 13, 2010


I hate cats. They are a nuisance. Any cat, I'd shoo them away if they came near me. Yes, I fucking hate cats.

In contrast, my old folks feed cats all the time. I'm not sure it is love-related or purely an act of being nice to God creatures, but I always have some tricks up my sleeves when they ask me to feed some random cats.

I know many people who adore cats so much, that they would even have cats as pets, bathe them, feed them, nurture them. To me personally, cats are spoilt creature. Once you get yourself too close to them, they would step over your head. Plus the perangai mengada-ngada.

Cats ought to hate me. It's mandatory, because I would give them wild stare if they ever come near me.

But I love dogs. Only cute dogs. And I don't mind at all seeing dogs roaming around my neighborhood, sleeping under my car. Dogs are cuter than cats. Period. And I love cute creatures. Because I myself am one. Double period.

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Anonymous said...

Kahkahkah. Triple period.