Friday, August 13, 2010

Separuh Masak

The next time people ask me when would be my time to marry the love of my life, I'd seriously bang my head against the wall.

Seriously, after the previous heartache exactly a year ago, when have I found the love of my life?

Favourite guy, definitely. Love? It's fifty-fifty. Now that I have favourite guyS, Imma let myself enjoy the time for awhile. Even though I have crystal idea whom I should end up with, I suppose for now, just let loose and play with fire. Everybody is going to get hurt in the end, so why bother so much?

One thing about finding partner that really turns me off is the ever-popular question popped to the ladies; 'How good are you in the kitchen?' Well, obviously Malay guys love to settle down with a kitchen maker just to please his mother, which disgusts me a lot. If you want a kitchen maker, you are landing under the wrong tree.

Wait a second. I may not be a kitchen maker, but I can cook. In fact, I am not that bad in this department. Problem is, I just don't find flawless cooking skill has got anything to do with good marriage.

Unfortunately, one of my favourite guys doesn't share the same sentiment. Too bad, now love you have to wait. I have another babe fixing me barbeque lobster the other day. I loved it very much. That's what I call romantic, of course from non-Malay.

Okay, but I still am marrying the former.

Because you know, he is the reason I'm all gooned-up like this.

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