Friday, August 27, 2010

85% Of You Are Wrong

Having adequate stash or money or I must say in Malay, mempunyai kekayaan secukupnya, is a key to happiness.

The past week on Facebook has been a cat-dog fight regarding a video posted there, showing a boyfriend calling a radio station to tell the world how unfair it was when her fiancee broke off their engagement because he wasn't rich enough for her (to put this bluntly). So what this radio station did after getting the full story from the guy was, the deejay called up the girl and bombarded her with lots of trashy questions and remarks, saying she was selfish, materialistic, bimbo and she was after money only.

As expected, she had to defend herself. So the blaming game started. Needless to say, from the comments I read at the comment section, 85% of people sided the guy.

I, for one, sided the girl. Funny, you know, how Malaysians spent their days snooping other people's lives, throwing judgements as if they were what, God? Malays, especially.

The way I see it, if the girl wanted to break off their engagement, for fuck sake, let her. Why on earth the rest of people should give a goddamn care? Other than the guy, none of the lots actually has any relation with either of them. So bug off! Mind your own business.

Okay, so the girl is materialistic. So what? Is she the only one? Aren't you too? The boyfriend clearly had no balls, calling up the radio station, selling his private stories to the whole nation. What retard does that? The girl was CORRECT to dump her, anyway. Imagine living with a man who would just go to some random people for advice. The man clearly does not know when to shut up.

He even told everyone that the girl left him for some rich guy. This one is laughable, to be honest. He lost to a rich guy! How sad it is, ego badly battered. Such a poor baby. Come on, after what, 20+ years of living, only now he realized, that money does talk? Or was he under the illusion, you know, people keep saying, money cannot buy happiness yada yada crap?

Clearly here, he was a moron. Oh, this bite is funny also. He had the guts to say he was the better guy, he had better hati budi! The fact is, he didn't even know or meet the rich guy. So the way the comparison is made, it only exposes his immaturity.

Now, I'll just rest my case. To the girl, bravo! I don't care if you are materialistic as they parade you are. Because I don't even know you personally. But you did the right thing dumping the boy. Marrying a crybaby is the worst mistake you could ever make.

And to clearly make my first sentence stands, I strongly believe despite money is the root of all evil, money is also the key to survival. Being happy is one of the survival idea, no? So, why do you care about the bad evil thing money can cause when you can instead enjoy the benefit it can give?

Only penniless will blame the penniful.

Oh, and 85% of the commentors are blind. They refuse to look at both sides. So bravo Malays! Yet, you know when to complain about the rising cost of living. Hey, duit kan tak boleh jamin kebahagiaan. Apa lah sangat pasal kenaikan harga barang-barang? Janji dapat bercinta-cintun, kemudian beranak banyak-banyak.

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