Sunday, August 15, 2010

Bidding MacJob A Goodbye

Suffice to say, I quit my job exactly at the right time, the right moment.

To me, when your daily job has become way too mundane, it is time for a change. Of environment, of experience.

Office job is easy, but boring. I hold high respect to those who stay in the office for more than 2 years. These people are hardcore souls. I can never emulate them. Staying for 8 months, I know the period is short, but I've long realized this is not what I want.

I have dreams to pursue, people to carry in my bagsack, goals to achieve. I don't see how I can fulfill all these by staying there. So, making a life-changing plan, I dare changing my lane.

Oh don't worry, I will not drop out of school though. I want that ACCA certificate. It's going to cost me few more years, well I just don't care. Nowadays, what you possess is the most important. What people say isn't.

I guess I just love being adventurous. Perhaps I do.