Saturday, August 21, 2010


Perempuan kadang-kadang mahukan lelaki yang 'kelakar'.

In her eyes, nothing is ever enough in the man she admits to love.

Dan lelaki kadang-kadang memberikan ilusi yang 'kelakar'.

Because in his eyes, nothing is ever enough in the woman he admits to love.

Opposite attraction is a profanity.

A man and a woman, no matter how much they admit to love each other, secretly inside, they keep hatred towards one another.

Because nothing is ever enough. Starved souls. Trapped into emotions.

Good thing is, hatred grows the heart fonder.

And sometimes, it is not love that keeps a couple together. It is the idea of constant companionship.


Anonymous said...

i used to have one yg kelakar. but damn, now he turned to menyakitkan hati. can i rate him as lelaki kegemaran no 2 where i dont have that no 1??

11:57:03 said...

You can rank them the way you want. It is very subjective. Ikut cita rasa you. =)